Release 0.6

  • Creating new annotations via annotator API now requires the user to have the annotator_store.add_annotation permission. (Previously any logged in user could create annotations.)
  • Any annotation edits (create, update, delete) made via annotator API now generate Django admin log entries.

Release 0.5

Initial release of annotator_store as a stand-alone Django application, refactored out of the Readux codebase.

  • Support for custom Annotation model via ANNOTATOR_ANNOTATION_MODEL setting and annotator_store.models.BaseAnnotation abstract model
  • Configurable support for normal Django permissions or per-item permissions via django-guardian (NOTE that per-item permissions functionality is not fully tested or supported and should be considered alpha quality)
  • Annotation text and quote fields marked as optional for use in Django admin
  • Supports both Python 3.x and Python 2.7
  • Includes example templates with code for initializing an annotator.js instance and connecting it to annotator_store as a backend.